My Dream Bedroom…

9 03 2012

I haven’t had time to catch up on my blog due to overloading amount of work. However, while I was busy researching on something, my forefinger decided to click on a website, which is filled with some amazing bedroom ideas… here are some of my favourites..

Cream-coloured bedroom - I'd do without the zebra carpet!

I love the lighting and deco. The colour does not really do it for me...

I love the backdrop and the colours are perfect!

I love the deco and check out the bathroom! This bedroom can certainly make me sleep the entire day!


Time for my beauty sleep!

– Myst



My Own Espresso Maker

2 03 2012

Espresso maker. I want one. I have always wanted one but I keep telling myself – what’s the point? It’s not as if you’re going to make cappuccino, latte, and café mocha every day. Maybe you will, but maybe for the first two weeks and then you’ll end up getting bored playing with the espresso maker. Think about that.

Yes. I have private conversations with myself. Often. You know that excitement you feel when you buy a toy and all you want to do is play with it often…? Okay.. this time I’m talking to you all.. 😀

So yes, espresso maker and those colourful pods. Aren’t they just divine? I can’t afford the espresso maker right now – not the one that I want, anyway – so, for now, it’ll be on my wishlist! One coffee day, I’ll have it right in the corner of my kitchen counter… (Time to work my arse off to buy THE espresso maker!)..

Tell me.. what’s on your wishlist?

I ❤ coffee

 – Myst

Tips for Garden Party, Braai, BBQ

28 02 2012

Hi there! This is my first post for my wordpress blog, a newbie, or n00bie – whichever way you want to see it 😀 For my first post, I will share some brilliant tips for your summer parties or garden parties. I grabbed these from Martha Stewart. She said, I could share them with you all – hah! There are over forty ideas but these are the ones I liked the most. Let me know what you think!

Clay flower pots and saucers – use them to serve goodies at your party – amazing idea, hey! I would  have never thought of using these for my parties. I have always looked at clay flower pots and saucers, as some of them are beautiful, but never thought of buying any (as I am not one that tends to the garden :P).

Lack of cool-boxes or spaces in your fridge to keep your beverages cold for the party? Grab one your beach pails or buckets, put your bottles or cans of beverages, fill the pails/buckets with a layer of ice, followed by a layer of coarse salt, and repeat until they are almost at the top. Don’t forget to fill the bucket with some cold water – just below the ice line would be fine. I didn’t know this, but the ice water in the bucket would be colder than usual.

Another idea that I find very unique is using leaves as coasters. Why didn’t I think of that?! I suppose it’s because I have no idea where to get hosta leaves or leaves that are large enough for the glasses, but I still think it’s a cool idea. If you have trees with large leaves in your garden, you should cut the leaves in the early in the day, and set the leaves in water immediately, keeping the leaves hydrated in a container, until it is time to use them. You should dry them before using. Cool, eh?

 If you throw a huge garden party, and you plan to decorate each table

 table with a bouquet of flowers, why not let your guests take the bouquets of flowers home after the    celebration? Heck, I love flowers and I’d attend your garden party, just for the flowers! 😀 So, really, the money you spent on that gorgeous flowers as centrepieces would not be wasted.. hehe.

If you enjoy making origami (I have no idea how!), make some, by using some paper napkins or yes, the origami papers. Insert forks or other utensils in and voila, they are good to go. Even if you are the master of origami, you could simply fold the napkins into half. It’s simple but the trick is to buy those fancy colourful napkins 😀

Okay, so this is my first effort at using wordpress, as I’ve always been a blogspot girl. I’m hoping to have some time to play around with the features (I meant to say amazing features!). So, that’s it for today.

I’m no Gardener

– Myst